The different types of bingo games add spice to the otherwise simple game of bingo. There are loads and loads of internet bingo players out there and there are still loads of them who are yet to discover the fun behind this game. So if you are one among the “yet to discover bingo” group, this should help you understand all the different types of bingo games that are played around the world.

Cover All is the basic version of bingo that you should start with because as the name suggests, all that you have to do to win the jackpot is cover all the numbers on your bingo card and you also have to be the first player to do so. However, if you are under the idea that bingo is a really fast paced game, Cover All can at times test your patience as this is the longest game of bingo that you will get to play. Unlike some other bingo games you do not have to purchase extra bingo cards, but if the jackpot is not hit after the 41st ball, the jackpot amount will be reduced.

Cross is another pattern in bingo that is very famous. I guess you might have been able to figure out as to what this type of bingo is all about. Yes, it is all about making a cross on your bingo card by daubing all the numbers in N column, the numbers from B3, I3, the free space, G3 and 03. If you get these numbers right, you will see the cross in your bingo card.

Like Cross, Diamond is also a bingo type that is based on the pattern and this time around you have to make a diamond on your bingo cards using the right numbers. B3, I2, I4, N1, N5, G2, G4, and O3 are the numbers that you need to watch out for, as they are the numbers that give you the sparkling diamond that will give you the jackpot. Diamond is a fast game as very few numbers are used in this type. I would suggest that you buy multiple bingo cards to make sure that the diamond is yours for good.

You just have to fill the four corners of the bingo card and this is called Four Corners bingo. The spaces that make the four corners in a bingo card are B1, B5, O1, and O5. This is like the speedy Gonzalez of bingo.

If you want to give regular bingo a shot, all that you have to do is get five numbers in a row. This is can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

The last type of bingo game that you need to know before hitting the bingo scene is the Winner’s Circle. To get the winner’s circle right you have to cover the numbers in B and O. Along with that you have to cover the first and last numbers in I, N and G.

That is it! We at Online Bingo think you are all ready to show the bingo scene who the champion bingo player is.