If you are going to be playing on a regular basis, then you should learn the bingo rules so that you always know what to expect. There is a difference between seventy five ball and ninety ball bingo, for a start: seventy five ball gives you a five by five card with a centre square which is normally marked “free”, giving you twenty four numbers overall. The ninety ball game takes a nine by three card with five numbers on each line, giving you fifteen numbers overall. The patterns that are used in them can differ greatly as well.

The main difference between the bingo rules does have to be the patterns, but we will get to those in a bit. First of all it is important to know how to play bingo. You have to buy a bingo card before the game starts, and when you enter you will not be able to change that card or buy any extra ones. A bingo caller (which in the case of a bingo site will be the numbers coming up on the screen somewhere) will announce numbers one by one, which will be randomly generated from the whole range that is on offer, and if one of them is on your card then you can cross it off. The first person to complete each pattern will win a prize in each case, so your overall aim is to get the right numbers crossed off as quickly as possible. In seventy five ball bingo the patterns can vary widely, and you will be able to see which patterns are used in each game before you buy your ticket as there are such a large amount of them that it is important to know what you are aiming for before you get started. It tends to be a lot more simple with ninety ball bingo, as it follows a set pattern – you will always start off aiming for one line, which should be horizontal across the card, followed by two lines, and then a full house which means that you have to get all of the numbers on the card crossed off in order to finish. The prizes usually increase in size as you go through the patterns, but it will always be split between as many players win at the same time in order to keep it fair.

These are the basics of the bingo rules, but each site will have its own etiquette guidelines as well, particularly when it comes to the ones with chat rooms attached. Of course you will have to refrain from being offensive to other members, and most of them will frown on it if you post links to other bingo sites or try to advertise something that you are selling yourself as well. Remember to always check out the rules at each site that you visit, because they might be slightly different and you do not want to be caught out by this.