Fantastic Friday is just one of the jackpot games offered to members by ITV Bingo. As the name suggests the game is played on a Friday evening and every week you have the chance to win a share of £1000. This particular jackpot game starts at 9pm with tickets costing 50p. Saturday night at 9pm also features a jackpot game, but on this night you can win a top brand 40” flat screen TV. Both games require you to pre-purchase your tickets and you can do so any time during the previous week, so make sure that you remember to buy them in advance.

In addition to these two big games, there is also a daily jackpot game to be won at ITV Bingo. Again the game starts at 9pm and offers a winnings pot of £100. If this still is not enough jackpot potential for you though then you can play in the Rover’s Return game room from 6 to 9pm every night. Here you can win £50 every half hour and the tickets are just 10p each, which is really great value for money.

You still want more jackpots? You might want to play slots then as some of the games, including the popular X-Factor games, offer jackpots of between £500 and £750, which gives you the chance to really win big. In order to win big when you play slots though, you do need to know what you are doing in terms of the bets that you are placing and what kinds of lines you  are covering – so why not play free slots in the first instance, just until you learn the winning combinations and how the bonus games work? You can do so here very easily.

So, it does not matter whether bingo games are your thing or you prefer to have a gamble on the slots, there is always a jackpot worth winning at ITV Bingo. Bingo lovers are going to have a great time here, especially those who really love to chat as there is a big community already in place.