It may seem like an unusual place to look for the love of your life, but Internet bingo has become increasingly popular as a “dating” option since its launch a few years ago, and it’s a fact that more and more men are joining every day. With larger jackpots up for grabs in specific games every week, the popularity of Internet bingo has spread across generations and now is becoming popular with men who like a flutter too.

So, if you’re single there’s no need to leave your favourite site on “Autoplay” while you go out looking for Mr Right: try our simple guide to love and friendship and stay in – you won’t know if Lady Luck will shine on you if you don’t!

1. The most important thing you can do as an internet bingo player is to submit a profile of yourself. Profile styles depend on the site you’re playing on but a simple, fun overview of who you are is good for future friends and future dates to look at. Keep your style light as you describe who you are, but only give personal details such as email, or mobile numbers to players you know. Do not include these as part of your profile.

2. Submit a flattering photo to attach to your profile. Having a photo makes you more accessible to others and will give roomies an idea of what you’re like beyond any kind of text you might write. Since the driving force behind online bingo’s popularity is to be sociable, this is always a good idea whether you’re looking for friends or dates – and some sites even reward members for doing so! Remember that an online bingo sites such as Mecca Bingo uses these photos as part of their winner’s page on the web site if you win big so, make sure you’re looking your best.

3. Join a site that has a singles bar. There are a few out there who have age specific rooms so you can play with those from your age group or amongst those who are looking for love. No matter what you’re after a simple bit of research on a online bingo portal site like Bingo Hideout will show if you’ve found the right place to play for you.

4. If you are looking for a simple bit of flirty fun there are also sites that have private rooms for players to chat in, so you can chat outside of the normal rules. These private rooms are a rarity but can be found on more ‘cheeky’ sites out there.

5. Other sites hold specific ‘adult’ themed games (usually on the weekends) where you can join in the flirty fun and not have to worry about the normal rules of chat.

With so many new sites opening for business all the time, using any Sign Up Bonus offered to get to know a site for free is a good opportunity to see who likes to play there and what the chat is like. Sign up with one of the many bingo portals online to get regular updates on what’s around and you never know where destiny may take you next.