How To Play Bingo

How To Play Bingo

To get started with bingo you first need to know how to play bingo and what the different kinds of bingo games are. Bingo is a game of chance that is played with random numbers which are called out, by the bingo caller in a bingo hall. All that you have to do is keep daubing the numbers that are called out, and pray that you are the first player to get all the number right. The numbers are printed on a bingo card and are distributed in no particular order in 5×5 matrices. Once you get all the number covered on your card, you need to shout “Bingo” to let the caller know that you are the winner. However, every completed card will be checked for accuracy before your winning is made official. The game is simple, yet the jackpot is something worth putting up a fight for. Now that we know how to play bingo and the basic version of it in a bingo hall, it is time to take a look at all the exciting variants that this game has to its credit.

U-Pick’Em bingo is an interesting variation of this game where you can select the numbers that you want to mark and you win when the numbers that you have picked are called out. This game may look a lot like Keno, but in fact this is a variant of bingo that is very popular.

So if you want to speed up the process of winning then you can go for Quick Shot bingo. In this game the numbers are pre-drawn and all you have to do is purchase the bingo cards that are sealed. If a particular patterns is achieved in the cards that you have bought then you are considered as the winner. Did you know that this variant of bingo can be played for days, weeks or even months till the desired top prize is achieved?

Bonanza bingo is another variant of bingo that comes with pre-drawn numbers. These pre-drawn sealed cards are matched against the pre-drawn numbers to determine the winner. If none of the players have the pre-drawn numbers that bingo called will call out a new number to determine the winner. The other variants of bingo are Horse Racing bingo, Table bingo and Electronic bingo to name a few. Well, these are just a handful of bingo variants, where as there are loads of other bingo patterns that you can choose from too. While you choose a bingo game with a specific pattern, the jackpot of the game is considerably high according to the complexity of the pattern. Four corners, Diamond and Cross are the most popular patterns that bingo players go for as these patterns come with better jackpots.

There are different types of bingo like 45 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. With loads of patterns, types and variants there is no way bingo is ever going to be a dull game. Online Bingo can help you win regularly in bingo so make notes of what we recommend and teach, it can only help you.

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