With the rise of social networking and the connections that people make online; the facility to chat and interact with other at the best online bingo sites are being used more often. The interactions that players have with each other can make the whole online bingo experience a more worthwhile and socially beneficial activity. The fact that many people are encouraged to sign up in the first place with the promise of free online bingo cards and slogans like ‘no deposit bingo‘ is only the first stage in the process for new players to become active and loyal members of these new meeting places. Once there, it would seem that more takes place than just the playing of bingo.

The old ‘real world’ bingo halls were always considered to be a social gathering where ladies,because most often it was women, could meet to chat and have a cup of tea. The thrust of the evening being social interaction rather than bingo. The excuse for them to go was always expressed as a desire to play bingo, but I don’t think many were fooled by this flimsy smokescreen. The development of bingo halls throughout the 80’s and 90’s towards palaces for women to meet and drink cocktails or watch cabaret acts provides more evidence that the bingo was secondary.

The modern equivalent of a bingo hall is the online bingo environment. Here the activities that participants can engage in, from chat and social networking to online slots and scratch cards, have become as much the reason to be online as to play online bingo. As humans love to gather to socialise it seems that, quite often, only a small excuse is required to do this and the continuing explosion in numbers registering to play online helps prove the point.

The enjoyment that people derive from playing bingo is palpable and real, the added value of instant chat only increases that enjoyment. As more of us are encouraged to gamble online surely it is more beneficial to use these sites rather than delve too deeply into serious gambling via some of the well known avenues provided by the internet. Perhaps the social interaction that occurs is a modifier and can help keep us sober from the heady effects of trying to win much needed cash online. Play bingo, make friends and enjoy a quiet night in, bingo could be the new night out!