You may have heard of 888ladies already if you watch UK television, as they have run a successful ad campaign starring Vic Reeves for some time now which is quite well known for the fact that it features the famous comedian. When you sign up as a new member here and make your first deposit you will be able to claim a £200 maximum bonus to get started with, and this is a real reason for the success of the site as it draws in many people to try out the games with those free credits. It really takes some of the stress of trying a new site away when you know that you have money to play with that is not actually costing you anything!

The security at 888ladies is top notch as they make sure to have firewalls and other security systems in place as well as high level encryption to make sure that all of your transactions are protected. This is good news as it means that you can really relax whilst you play, rather than having to keep one eye on your account at all times to make sure that no one else can get access to it – the site takes care of that for you. The promotions here are great and you will be able to get a lot of free credits while you are there, so it is always worthwhile to keep an eye on the news section of the site to see if there are any new offers in play, as they can change quite regularly. There are free bingo games every hour of the day, which means that even if you run out of your bankroll and it is not quite payday yet you can still get the chance to play some great bingo games and even be in with a chance to win some real money from them. Team bingo is also available here, so grab some of your friends and get them to join up for the site or else go in for a random team with other players on the site – it will be a whole new experience if you have never tried it before. There are ninety ball and seventy five ball games to try here as well as casino games for when you want something different, and there is even a loyalty program which will allow you to climb levels for better rewards.

If you play for a long time at 888ladies then you might even become a Gold Lady, which is a special award given to dedicated players who spend a lot of time on the site and play a lot of games. There are even seventy five ball and ninety ball bingo games with progressive jackpots for you to try out, so you can get your hands on some really big wins before you even spend a few days on the site if that is the kind of way that you like to play!

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