When you sign up as a member at BingoMania you will get £10 of free credits right away, with no need to make a deposit in order to claim them and all the time in the world to play them through if you want to. This should help you to get a fair introduction to the site, as well as allowing you to have that breathing space to decide whether or not this is a place where you would like to play for the long term. If you do, then you can make your first deposit, and the great news is that you will receive a two hundred per cent match bonus on this of up to £250, with an ongoing bonus of £50 for any deposits that you make thereafter.

Probably the best thing about internet bingo site BingoMania is the fact that the site is very easy to navigate and use, as it is all set out in a very simplified way that you will find easy to understand. The software is also very reliable, which is a great factor which will certainly allow you to enjoy your time on the site more as it is less likely to experience downtime when there are a large number of players online at the same time. You will be able to play seventy five ball and ninety ball bingo here to ensure that there is enough range to keep you occupied even when you are beginning to feel as though playing the same games over and over again is getting a little boring – you can just switch to a different kind of game instead! There are some great promotions on the site that you can take advantage of as well if you want to make the most of your time on the site, such as the loyalty program which gives you back twenty per cent of any losses that you may have had on deposits during any particular week. This will allow you to recoup some of those losses and stay ahead so that you can carry on winning even more, so you do not have to worry so much about having losing tickets any more! This takes some of the risk out of the situation, which is perfect for first time players or those who can only make small deposits at a time in the hopes of making big wins to make up for it.

If you get involved at BingoMania you will also find a great community waiting for you, who will welcome you with open arms and allow you to feel right at home from the start. The loyalty program has another great benefit to it as well: you will be able to claim BM points, as they are called on the site, while you play – and these will give you a better loyalty level as they add up, which in turn gives you better deposit bonuses and the chance to earn points even quicker.

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