Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo

As far as household names go, Foxy Bingo has to be the closest that you will get to one in the bingo industry, as it is really well known thanks to a series of television adverts that have attracted a lot of attention in the UK. If you have heard of Foxy before then it is probably through these, as they run on quite a regular basis and even show on ITV2’s Jeremy Kyle show, one of the most popular examples of daytime television in the country. The mascot of the site is Foxy himself, a fox who can walk on two legs and likes to wear purple shirts with huge collars – and he has quite the singing voice too! Many of their adverts take on a comedy angle in order to draw in customers, and it certainly seems to be working.

Many customers who try out Foxy Bingo on the back of watching these adverts convert into loyal customers, as the site is well designed and very easy to use with a great range of games on offer, and the atmosphere overall is one of fun and cheerfulness. The customer service here is second to none, in keeping with the overall theme and ethics of the site as they like to makes sure that their customers are happy at all times and always have their needs taken care of while they are playing. As for the prizes that you could win in some of the special games, they tend to get quite high as a result of the fact that this is such a big site and they can afford to offer more to their customers. They have fantastic promotions and reload bonuses as well, and you can get some great bonus codes via text in order to give you that little bit more of a boost whenever you might need it. The community of members is a friendly one with plenty of chat going on in both the chat games and the social elements of the normal games, so you will be able to really enjoy yourself while you are there and get to know some of the regular players that are well known around the site. This is a good all rounder, and there is not much that you could say about it on the negative side of things, so it is a fantastic choice both for first time players and those who are looking to move on to a new site.

As for the kind of games that you can play at Foxy Bingo, there are plenty of them, as you will see when looking at their list of rooms: they have both seventy five ball and ninety ball offerings, with choices such as Bingo Dreams, Bingo Sisters, Fab Five, Foxtrot Fives, Free For All, Golden Glitter, Magic Dust, Naughty Ninety, Sunny Day at Foxy, Near Winner Wonga, Tally Ho Bingo, and The Good Ship Foxy, all of which offer you different playing opportunities.

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