When you sign up to play bingo games at Tombola, what you will get is a great offer of £20 in free credits for you to get started with, and this will allow you to try the site out and really get to grips with it in no time at all. While you cannot use this bonus money to play the Hamster Race or tombola roulette games, it is available for use with all of the other games on the site and this will allow you to find out how everything works and decide what you do or do not like without any hassle.

There is a fantastic statistic on the Tombola internet bingo site about how much money is won in prizes there every single week: it comes to a total of £4 million, which means that there is plenty to go around and you should be in with a good chance of getting at least a small win on a regular basis. The brand has a good footing in the industry, with fifty years of experience in which they started out as bingo card suppliers and then moved on to running their own games, so they know everything that there is to know about bingo and the quality of their games really reflects this. They use their own software here, which means that the experience that you get with them is unique since no other brand can replicate it with their own programs or games. They have also made sure that there is a strong security system in place, with high levels of encryption used to protect your details and your financial transactions in order to make sure that no one can ever access any of this information without your consent. You will find some great promotions running here on a regular basis, too – there are free games between Monday and Sunday under the name Happy Families with up to £20,000 in prizes going out every week, which includes individual real cash prizes of £500. They have some really special games every now and then which will allow you to win big, but whenever you log in you will be able to find ninety ball, eighty ball, and seventy five ball bingo on offer as well as a range of casino games for you to try out in between the bingo games that you are there for.

There are some great options amongst the Tombola games to suit any kind of players. Those who do not want to take a big risk can find 2p “lite” games with a jackpot of £100, while the Cinco games cost between 5p and 40p and can allow you to win as much as £20,000. Roller Coaster bingo has a unique design in which you must fill up the carriages in their roller coaster in order to win big, at just 25p per carriage with a win of £500 if you manage to get all six bingo balls in there during the game.

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