Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo

If you come to play at the Wink Bingo site then you will be finding a site with a lot of experience, as it has been around for a good while now and thus has much to offer to those who play there. You can get up to a two hundred per cent match bonus up to a total of £1000 bonus on your first deposit, which will last you a long time at this site and will allow you to get going without worrying about finances until you have been on the site for long enough that you have won more to keep you going anyway. There is even a Spin the Wheel feature which could give you between £15 and £1000 in winnings when you make that first deposit!

You will be able to play seventy five ball and ninety ball bingo games at Wink Bingo all day long, with free games available on a constant basis as well to make sure that you can always find whatever you need to entertain you. Chat games help to keep things social, and there are regular give aways to make sure that even players whose luck is not in can get something to take home. Their Instant Games have some very high jackpots in comparison to other sites and there are guaranteed daily jackpots for you to aim for, which means that overall you should be able to get enough variety in your play that you never need to look elsewhere for entertainment at all. Once you are a full member of the site and you have used up all of your starting credits you may wish to make another deposit to the site – and when you do this, you will be given a fifty per cent match bonus every time at minimum: it could be even more if a special promotion happens to be on at the time that you are playing! As well as the bingo games here you will also find an extra element in the form of the five slot machines that you will be able to play for a taste of something a little different, and the special thing about these is that you will be able to trigger random progressive jackpots at any point while you are playing in order to grab as much as fifty thousand pounds in cash – a real boost to your account!

In terms of the experience that you will have, it is fair to say that Wink Bingo is a fantastic site with a great range of games and a community who will welcome you with open arms. If you head down to the chat games you will see plenty of conversations going on as the players all make friends with one another, and this is an important aspect of the site as it means that you can get some human interaction at the same time as playing to win and thereby enjoy yourself even more than before.

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